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Any waste substance which increases the risk of harm to people, animals, or the environment. Such as toxins, chemicals etc. This may be through an obvious immediate risk, such as items containing acids, or long term exposure issues, such as with items containing CFC's....


Pallets are used for haulage and freight work, these can be wood or rigid plastic. The vast majority are made of untreated wood. Many can be repaired, or reused as pallets, and those which are beyond reuse, are often shredded for bio fuel, or other wood recycling outlets. They are a fairly standard size and structure, although can vary in weight an...

Paper and Card

Paper for recycling can be books, newspapers (usually rejected is past a few years old, or “yellowed”), writing/printing paper, magazines. Card can be packaging boxes, post cards, occasions cards, food packaging boxes (some are treated, or when mixed with other waste types, which can make recycling more challenging). Paper and card for ...

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This business provides the following services:

Man and Van
Companies that operate 3.5 ton vans to collect waste generally operating 1-2 person teams.

Materials Recycling Facility
Licensed site that generally will recycle one specific waste stream.

Companies that stand alone in the services that they provide, new or evolving and emerging companies around the waste industry.

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