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Bric a Brac

"Bric a Brac" covers a range of small items which often get thrown in as general waste, taken to the local tip, or given to charity shops. This could be crockery, small toys, small ornaments, pictures. If you look at something and think you might see it at a carboot sale, or in a charity shop, it is small to medium size, and not broken or...


“Carpet”, or rather flooring, waste can be broken into a few sub categories. As a general rule this covers exactly what it sounds like, materials which “carpet” a floor. So underlay, carpet, laminate flooring, carpet tiles. Some carpet tiles are actually collected for separate recycling by some businesses, and carpet itself ...

Clay and Non Recyclable Spoils

Clay and contaminated soils and hardcore, which may appear like rubbe or soil, but either contaminated by other matter, making it no longer reuseable, such as Japanese Knotweed, or are actually reactive and not inert. It may also cover soil, or hardcore, which has been exposed to spillages of oils or wet west....

Clean Hardcore Concrete and Tarmac

This covers solid/inert materials, which are sometimes described as rubble. They must be unreactive, and solid, so amounts of clay, soils and lime stone would not be included. They could include cinder blocks, bricks (or anything else used to make a wall!), render, sand, set cement, ceramic tiles, solid stone tiles, reform stones. Glass can be i...

Confidential Waste

Confidential waste covers printed or written materials which record information which could identify individuals, including name, address, contact details, financial or medical records. Businesses are obliged to dispose of this material in a legal way in line with legislation. Companies who deal with this will keep the material secure until the poi...

Construction and Demolition Waste

Construction and Demolition Construction and Demolition waste (often referred to as C&D Waste), covers waste types usually produced during building/demolition works, and are those substances used in construction. For example, concrete, wood, metal (cable/girders/pipe work), plastics, rubble. This is usually slightly cheaper to dispose of tha...

Dry mixed Recyclables

Card, paper, untreated plastic film, plastic bottles, poly styrene, all without contamination....

General Waste

General waste is a mixture of other waste types, usually not including hazardous/specialist waste. It is a general mix of items you may find in a home, office or business premises. This could be furniture, paperwork, shelving, old clothes or toys, plastic products. It does not generally include building waste, although there may be amounts of waste...


Glass waste sounds obvious, but there can be differences in recyclers. Some skip companies will take glass direct as inert waste, for reuse in the aggregates industry. There is however recycling of glass bottles and jars, into new glass. However window panes, lightbulbs and safety glass are not often recycled. It is worth checking with multiple was...

Green Waste

Also known as garden waste, or agricultural waste, covers unprocessed plant materials (not including shredding), which can biodegrade, without causing harm to the environment. This category may sometimes include food waste, as some business which process of green waste, will use the same techniques for processing food waste. Treatment often involve...


Generally sprung or foam based, needing specialist recycling. Made of a mix of textile, plastic, foam metal. The materials need to be seperated, which is most efficiently and economically done in bulk, with powerful shredding machines....


Waste metal, or used articles made of metal. Ferrous (e.g. steel, iron) and non ferrous (e.g. brass, copper, lead). Most metals have been recycled for reuse for many years, and you can realise a rebate from scrap yards on metal waste. Steel/Iron based is the cheapest, so you will need a fairly large amount to make it worth while....

Mixed Inert Spoils

This is what most people would describe as soil, or mud, or dirt. It may be partiallycontaminated by other inert materials, which can be removed to create a clean product, this will be through a screening process....


Pallets are used for haulage and freight work, these can be wood or rigid plastic. The vast majority are made of untreated wood. Many can be repaired, or reused as pallets, and those which are beyond reuse, are often shredded for bio fuel, or other wood recycling outlets. They are a fairly standard size and structure, although can vary in weight an...

Paper and Card

Paper for recycling can be books, newspapers (usually rejected is past a few years old, or “yellowed”), writing/printing paper, magazines. Card can be packaging boxes, post cards, occasions cards, food packaging boxes (some are treated, or when mixed with other waste types, which can make recycling more challenging). Paper and card for ...


Pasterboard describes a range of boarding products which contain an inner layer of gypsum sandwiched between two sheets of “paper”. They can be used for fire spread reduction, noise reduction, boarding large areas of wall. Plaster board tends to absorb and degenerate in moist/wet environments, so even waste board should be stored in a d...


Synthetic material made from organic polymers. There are many types of plastic used in manufacturing and production of a huge array of items. Plastics are tricky to recycle due to the many different types such as PET, HDPE, PVC, LDPE, PP, PS and O. Distinguishing these types is also another challenge taken up by the plastic recycling industry....

Print Cartridges



Items, usually clothing, made from natural or synthetic woven 'thread'. These can include things such as hats, gloves scarves, ties, shoes. Some recyclers will take all fabrics, such as curtain material, off cuts from tailoring, sofa coverings. Others will only take garments in good repair, as they are sold on as clothing, usualy after expo...

UPVC Plastic

UPVC stands for unplasticised polyvinyl chloride. It is commonly used in the construction industry due to it being far stronger and lightweight than most other plastics. Often used in door frames and window surrounds....

Weee Waste

Weee represents any product at the end of it’s useable life, which has a plug or battery. It may be items which are broken, or simply out dated, so unwanted.  WEEE has its’ own legislation wishing governs it, and must be dealt with with by licensed business’s.  Some WEEE is exported for re-use, or disposal, in othe...

Wood Waste

Anything made from wood can be considered wood waste. Usually the wood is graded and different businesses may charge different amounts, depending on grade. For example; High Grade A, such as joinery off cuts and pallets (Grade A is untreated solid hard and soft woods). Mid Grade B, such as Construction and Demolition waste wood, like flooring board...

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This business provides the following services:

Bin Collection Service
Companies that supply bins primarily for commercial and industrial premises, but essentially anyone needing a bin with regular collections. Generally supplying a variety of sizes.

Man and Van
Companies that operate 3.5 ton vans to collect waste generally operating 1-2 person teams.

Materials Recycling Facility
Licensed site that generally will recycle one specific waste stream.

Companies that stand alone in the services that they provide, new or evolving and emerging companies around the waste industry.

Scrap Yard
Metal recycling facility purchasers of scrap metal

Skip Company
Waste collection company using skips to drop off, and collect once filled with waste.

Waste Transfer Station
Licensed site to drop waste at for it to be sorted, processed and sent out in larger volumes, generally as a single or reduced waste stream.

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