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Think Before You Wrap!

Think before you wrap!

Most wrapping paper is not recycled!

You , the British public, bin 227,000 miles of wrapping paper at Christmas. It's okay though, because you put it in your green bin, so it can be sent for recycling. Only most of it isn't. Most of what you throw in the recycling is proper rubbish, and does not end up being recycled.

If it's paper, what's the problem?

Paper free of contaminants, with good fibres, can be recycled. Christmas paper comes in many forms. If the paper is shiny and metallic, the coating stops it being recycled. If it has glitter, it causes problems with recycling. If it is very thin (cheap?!), the fibres can be too small for recycling. If it is covered in sellotape, this is a problem!

All those kinds of paper in your recycling, are not sent to be processed into new paper, so don't use the recycling bin to make yourself feel better after Christmas!


  • Buy recycled paper
  • Aluminium foil looks awesome around a gift!
  • Buy not shiny, non-glittery, not too thin paper!
  • Reuse old paper (okay, still can't be recycled, but at least it's getting reused!)

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Dan: 24th Nov 2017 11:15:00

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