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Short Man and Van Clearance Guide

The Good Man and Van Guide

How Do I Find A Man And Van Clearance Service?

Finding a man and van is straight forward, most will advertise in local papers, and with so many out there you’ll see them driving around in vans with numbers on the side. Alternatively you can use to search for a local waste clearance service, safe in the knowledge all our listings are licenced to remove your waste.  It is important that you always check a company has a licence as you are liable if they do not!

How Much Does A Man and Van Cost?

Prices vary hugely on this, and unlike a skip, it is rare to get a fixed, easy to understand, price. Getting a quote first is essential!

The waste type will be a starting point. Flooring and mixed waste is the most expensive per tonne for a company to dispose of at a Transfer Station. Packaging and metals are the cheapest.

The overall weight is also important as the heavier the collection the greater the cost of disposal. Although in this case rubble is so cheap, even a tonne costs relatively little to dispose of, and when the waste is mostly metal, more weight means a greater rebate for the company.

How far the waste has to be moved is the final consideration, as it will add time on to the job the further away the waste is from where they can park. Most will include a sensible amount of time in the price, but if the waste is located in a 2nd floor apartment, expect an increase in price.

Also remember, if you start adding stuff to a collection, the price will go up. This seems obvious, but the number of times I have been on collections which have already been quoted on, and the customer starts pulling out extra items to go, are uncountable!

How Will They Get Rid Of My Waste?

A van clearance service will do the labour for you, and load up their vehicle. If they are removing business waste they should issue a Waste Transfer Note, but not if the waste is domestic. Once collected your waste will be taken to a licensed waste transfer site for recycling and disposal.

Dan: 24th Nov 2017 12:03:00

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