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Garage and Shed Waste Clearance

Garage and Shed Clearance

Clearing out a garage or shed, maybe realising you’ve run out of storage space, or just decided to declutter. Here’s a few options to help you on your way:


Skip it!

If you have space use our skip guide to estimate the size of skip to meet your needs. A skip will enable you to complete sorting through your waste at your own pace. Skips can normally be left for between 1 and 2 weeks, so just get on with sorting over a long weekend, or weekday evenings and when you’re done simply call the skip company for collection.

This is handy for budget, as you’ll already have paid the set price, and you just keep filling until it’s full!

Van Clearance Service

In an ideal world you will have pre-sorted, or labelled, waste to go. You get the man and van clearance company to swing by and give you a quote, and if happy, give the go ahead to clear the rubbish. On the upside, they do half the sweating for you, as you only need to sort it out, and put it down all together, therefore saving the potential walk to where a skip would be!

In both the above cases, some pre-sorting is essential, as otherwise you will struggle to estimate the size of skip, or the clearance company to give you a sensible quote.

Sell it!

A little more effort, but there are a large number of selling options, and especially for bulky stuff, this may be handy. It will take a little time put in, but can save you money, and maybe even make you some! It really does depend on what your time is worth to you.

Between car boot sales, Facebook For Sale, Gum Tree and eBay, there are a few ways to shift items, even if offered for free. Even if you are left with some waste, it may reduce the overall amount, and it might even be fun!

Tip runs! (Or DIY)

If you have a decent size car, and items aren’t too bulky, making a few runs back and forth to the tip is a great option for saving money on waste disposal, and it is after all the reason your local authority provides a recycling centre!

It will take more sweat, and it will take more time, but it will also save you money. Again, it really depends on what your time is worth to you!

Ben: 24th Nov 2017 13:58:00

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