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How To Apply For A Waste Carriers Permit

How To Apply for A Waste Carriers Licence?

If you plan on carrying waste in a vehicle as a part of your business, either as a waste collector or part of your trade waste, then it is essential that you have a waste carriers licence. This permit can be easily obtained from your local environment agency office, or from

Applying online is really straight forward, and only cost £154 (November 2017) for 3 years. Go direct to the .gov site, as there are a lot of other sites who will apply on your behalf, and charge you, but applying direct is simple and only takes about 5 minutes!

Once you have the licence you are permitted to transport non hazardous waste as part of your business. At The Waste Place we advise you familiarise yourself with the licence and what it enables you to carry.

Your local Environment Agency office may inspect from time to time. This is very straight forward, and they will want to see any Waste Transfer Notes you have from Transfer Stations (so file them carefully!), and any notes you have issued to business customers (if you are a collector).

Ben: 24th Nov 2017 14:01:00

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