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Copper, a Christmas Bonus!

Copper – Making the most of your Xmas bonus

Over the years I’ve seen every plumber and kitchen fitter I know saving their copper for a Christmas bonus, yet most make the same mistakes over and over again that stop their bonus being really good!

The first thing to mention is if you’re saving your copper, please save your taps! They will take up less room and get you just as much, if not more, for the works night out.

Next, don’t take it in December, this may be a surprise to you but the scrap yards know plumbers and kitchen fitters everywhere will flood the yards with copper in December looking to cover their Christmas drinks. So with this knowledge they drop the price at this time of year. It’s simple supply and demand.

Go in November and you’ll get a much better price for your scrap!

The final detail is brazier. It is a mixture of copper and brass, cut the copper and brass apart, if you have more than ten kilo’s worth this will greatly increase the Christmas bonus. Yards will knock the price if brass end are on the copper pipe! With a pipe cutter it takes no time at all to whip through your copper, bag up your clean heavy pipe and bag up your brass and you’ll find your £300 Christmas bonus has become £400+!

Merry Christmas!

Dan: 27th Nov 2017 13:55:00

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