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6am Thought; Social Media

6 am Thought – Social Media for the Waste Industry

How To Start

Our kids use it, we use it. Most importantly our customers use it. ALOT.

We have an enthusiasm for social media, because it’s free or cheap and by cheap I mean placed against other forms of advertising the cost for volume and target demographic is vastly superior to other advertising.

This post is covering the basics to get started. For more info subscribe and get in touch!

I have sat with the Yellow Pages salesperson try to convince me a few thousand pounds a year will give me guaranteed second place on searches for “waste disposal” etc in my area and I’m going to see such a great return!

Or the local paper which has 50,000 local people seeing my advert, so obviously my phone won’t stop ringing!

And the radio add we used despite it costing £1000 would be heard by thousands of people every day! However they, like me, listen to the music not the adds, or talk over the add. It was an awesome vanity project though!

That’s the key, in a day where the passenger in your car is looking at their phone and when the ads come on TV if I can’t reach the remote to fast forward I get my phone out, we need to look at reaching our customers in a place where their attention is.

It’s not as hard or scary as you might think and I say this as someone who previously had no interest in social media. First thing to be aware of is it’s constantly changing, however stay with us and we’ll keep you posted, also the more you engage with it the more you’ll realise when there’s a shift.

At present there several key platforms, Face Book, Twitter and Instagram.

Get on all three.

Next is the hard part, keep posting every day or every other day. Think about your content. Your customers want to see who you are, why your company is the way it is, not some robot generating lots of facts, although that has a place. Find a balance and ask people what they like. You’ll quickly find out which posts are more popular.

Once you’ve set up the accounts and have an idea of your content start following any of your customers. Ask them to follow you back, think about potential customers, builders, developers, trades persons, them find and follow. They’re the ones you’re aiming for, the ones you want to show who you are, how amazing you are, and what they’ll get by using your service.

Social media is the perfect way to really show people what you do. There isn’t currently a better format. So there’s the basics so get started, when you’re ready for a bit more check back for other posts. The key is being persistent and trying different things, looking for feedback. Its free so why not, there’s not a lot for free anymore.

Dan: 27th Nov 2017 14:01:00

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