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Simple Plastic Recycling Info

Simple Plastic Recycling Information

Plastics are a wide and varied material for recycling and this can cause issues in recycling. The main plastics recycled are;

·        PETE

·        HDPE

·        V

·        LDPE

·        PP

·        PS

·        Other

The market is heavily influenced by oil prices as this is the raw material used to produce virgin plastics. There are specialist recyclers throughout the UK who will take in either mixed loads or single stream loads. This can be a greatly reduced gate fee (compared to land fill), or free to tip.  On some occasions and again heavily influenced by oil prices a rebate can be achieved. The main issue for recyclers is contamination of the plastics with different types or different materials.

The best way forward is by talking to your nearest specialist and going to view their site, seeing their processes first hand. Some may only be baling the plastic to be sent overseas for further separation and recycling.

Dan: 27th Nov 2017 14:24:00

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