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Making Man and Van Business More Profitable

Making your Man And Van Business More Profitable


The hardest thing for any business is keeping an eye on the bottom line, so here’s a few tips to make life just a little easier:

  • Don’t overload your day. I know this seems strange to suggest but know your limit. We all love to smash out extra jobs knowing we’ve upped our daily earning, but this can lead to problems as the day goes on. A job being larger than expected, traffic, delays in tipping can all turn an extra job into a job that gets bumped to tomorrow, affecting tomorrow’s day and each day after. Know your limits!
  • Know your daily target. We set our business model up, work out our targets per week per month, but if we get to the end of the week and we’ve not hit target it’s a lot of catching up to do. If you do this each day it’ll make life a lot easier and speed up your reaction time. Know your daily target!
  • Costings are essential to know job to job. You need to know your overheads, tipping costs, hourly labour cost, fuel, and anything else that comes in and factor this into each job through the day. This may mean you turn jobs down or lose them, however this is better than losing money by doing a job. We’ve all been their when a customer says they know someone on face book who’ll do it for £10. If that’s the case let them, losing money and setting a low bar is worse than saying no to work. Know your costs!
  • ork smart. As you turn up to each job through the day and load your van stop and think. If there’s a lot of rubble then when you get to the transfer station drop the rubble, re weigh and drop the next material. When it makes sense dropping two half ton loads rather than a full tonne of mixed general can save a significant sum of money. Work Smart!
  • Look at your costs and review these. Look where you can save money; have you got a fuel card?, have you shopped around insurance companies?, each time you make a saving add it up over the course of a year. A small monthly saving adds up. Review!

Dan: 27th Nov 2017 14:33:00

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