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How is low grade wood recycled?

How is Low Grade Wood Recycled?

waste mdf/chip boardWood is categorised into different grades, please see our article explaining the different grades of wood. Low grade is generally used for bio mass, the process of obtaining energy through the generation of heat. This saves huge volumes of waste ending up in landfill. Low grade incudes woods hard to reprocess into new products, such as MDF.

Once the wood arrives at a specialist materials recycling facility it is deposited/sorted into different grades. Low grade will be fed into a shredder, similar to the ones used in your garden just a lot bigger. Some are capable of shredding more wood than can be loaded by two diggers. These shredders are the size of a lorry, can destroy most materials and if you fell in one, 2 seconds later, there would be nothing recognisable left!

waste woodPost shredding material will be screened and sized. Any pieces too large will be fed back through the shredder. Any metal will be taken out by an over band magnet, or during screening.

This screened and shredded material will often be dried to remove moisture and then loaded for transport to bio mass facilities for energy generation.

Shredded waste woodSome sites have large burners, which generate heat, which in turn dries more material for burning. Government schemes such as the Renewable Heat Incentive can provide rebates to those using the burners. There are some issues around this, which will be discussed another time!

Dan: 29th Nov 2017 14:14:00

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