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Can the Clean Ocean App save our beaches from waste and plastic?

Can the Clean Ocean App save our beaches from waste and plastic?

Our Oceans fill with an estimated 8 million metric tonnes of plastic waste per year. So much rubbish, litter and plastic waste ends up on our beaches from the Ocean. This spoils the beauty and safety of our beaches.

Even more importantly is the impact on the environment and marine life. It has been well publicised in media and documentaries like The Blue Planet, really hit home to people the devastating effect we as humans have on the planet.

It is up to us to change our behaviours and take action in repairing the damage we have already caused. It is people like Aidan who make that difference, inspire and actually take action, where the rest of us sit back and do nothing.

Read the story of the Clean Ocean App…

It started at Aidans’ school, where each student had to pick a project with the theme of “the environment”. Because of Aidan´s love of water he chose the Ocean. 

He went with his parents to Sardinia, Italy to a turtle rescue centre during the project, where Aidan helped in the work and was even able to experience releasing a tortoise back into the wild. 

Separate from the rescue work they decided to clean the local beach of trash and plastic, inspiring the locals to do something themselves.

During the work it inspired the idea if more people were aware of the problem of trash and plastic on beaches, more people would be willing to help, as it was the case with the locals, hence Aidan came up with the idea of an app!

As synchronicity of events would have it - a friend of Aidans’ father, Till, called him at the end of the trip. The friend ran a software company and since that day 3 years ago, the app and project has been under development. 

The main features of the App make it possible to report trash and plastic, enabling individuals to start/join clean-up events. They can share events they initiate and see all the reports etc. on an interactive map, to give a great overview. 

People will be able to capture images, share on social media, create events and invite people through their social network to participate, creating a ripple of action and change, which can only happen together!

The app´s potential is big and it can be used by individuals, groups of all sizes and organisations to collect data and be organised. Most importantly it can create wide ranging action, the only way to make change a reality!

We also see collaborations with companies and other projects as very important, as information on how to use waste and plastic for alternative products to be very important, as the data of where trash and plastic is can make that a lot easier. 

Additionally we see ourselves as an "awareness project", wanting to collaborate with companies who make alternative products which are sustainable, believing we can and should help each other. 

During the month of December 2017 the app will be ready and we look forward to sharing it with the world and seeing how this great tool can help raise awareness of this huge problem, as well as a way to collaborate with local governments, international companies and organisations in different ways.

Please share their story, like and follow on Social Media and most importantly share with people you know to spread the word!

Everyone contributed to the problem. One person can inspire change and make a difference. Yet sometimes it takes a community to make inspiration a reality!

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Dan: 6th Dec 2017 11:42:00

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