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#OneWaveAtATime - What Does Your Footprint Look Like

#OneWaveAtATime - What Does Your Footprint Look Like

Get Involved With #OneWaveAtATime

How much time do you have? Can you Tweet, Share or Post a quick comment in a second? Can you pick up a piece of litter and put it in a bin in a minute? Can you spare an hour to clean a section of beach, or the side of a road, or a park?

#OneWaveAtATime is the simple belief that by using social media we can create a social wave that encourages people to make that small change that, as it spreads, makes a much larger impact on our environmental footprint.

We want to promote the hashtag to build a viral spread that everyone and anyone can join in with, with everyone sharing photos or comments about their actions as part of the project; whether that's something small, like picking up litter and putting it in a bin, or something larger, like doing a beach clean for an hour.

Who are we?

We are The Waste Place. We provide an online source of useful information about waste handling and the waste industry. We've grown from the simple idea and belief that the waste and recycling industry can benefit from improving people's understanding of waste and waste issues, and building closer connections with local businesses in the sector. We hope that this will help people feel confident about finding the right licensed companies for their waste, and know they've can find the best business for the job.

We are doing this by improving the visibility of, and links between, all types of business in the sector, from the man and van to national collection companies. We have created a map and directory that is growing and expanding to show all the links within the waste industry. This will provide really useful information if you need to find your local licensed services, or if you’re in the industry and trying to find specialist recyclers.

How does #OneWaveAtATime Fit In?

#OneWaveAtATime is our way to show our commitment to tackling one of the key environmental issues of our time; the impact of waste on our environment. We believe in the importance of being socially responsible as a business and see this campaign as our way of contributing postively to these challenges. We also want people to know that they don’t have to give up their weekends and lose all their spare time to join in the campaign! Thanks to social media, everyone can be a part of a wave to make the change that our future generations will thank us for. So how much time do you have, one second, one minute or one hour? Spread the word and join in the campaign and help to make a difference #OneWaveAtATime.

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Ben: 14th Jan 2018 09:42:00

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