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Latte Levy - The Race Is On

Latte Levy - The Race Is On

The ‘latte levy’ is UK Government’s idea to tackle the issue of coffee cup waste and the inability to recycle them. Due to most disposable coffee cups having an inner lining of polythene to make them waterproof it makes them very hard to recycle. This inner lining doesn’t separate in the recycling process and ends up contaminating the end product, this has become a major issue with billions of disposable coffee cups being thrown away every year in the UK.

So how do we manage this?

Well the race is on to find a solution, MP’s are calling for a latte levy a 25p disposal charge per cup sold, and if this doesn’t improve a total and complete ban on the use of disposable coffee cups.

With so many of us enjoying a coffee on the run the idea of a total ban has led large and small companies looking into alternative solutions, and experimenting with alternative strategies;

  • Starbucks is trying a 25p disposal charge and has introduced this into 25 of their central London shops.
  • High St chain Eat says it is the only firm to sell 100% biodegradable cups.
  • Costa coffee and prêt a manager give discounts of up to 50p for customers bringing reusable cups.
  • Gregg’s offer a 20p discount for customers with reusable cups.

We hope that further coffee shops and those around the industry will explore alternative solutions, by working together a solution is surely just a few paces away.

Ben: 15th Jan 2018 11:02:00

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