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Deposit Return Scheme - How We Manage Our Plastic Waste

Deposit Return Schemes

How Do We Manage Our Plastic Waste

Deposit return schemes aren’t new, those of us old enough will remember collecting up glass bottles to make a bit of spare change. Well it might be coming back with a bit of luck, but rather than glass, plastic bottles will be the new way to make some spare change and reduce the amount of plastic waste ending up in our oceans, whilst increasing the UK’s recycling rates.

With over a million plastic bottles bought every minute world wide the call to increase recycling rates and stop seeing them on beaches and roadsides is growing rapidly.  In the UK currently we are hitting 57% of bottles sold being recycled that 43% not being recycled equates to approximately 16 million plastic bottles every year ending up somewhere else.

The scheme has been run successfully in a number of countries around the world; Norway’s scheme is a great example managing to recycle 96% of plastic bottles throughout the country. With tried and tested schemes being introduced and backed heavily by companies like Co-op and Iceland as well as global drinks giant Coca Cola the support is in place to support the implementation in the UK.

If you are interested in more information keep an eye on our social media for any updates as the government pressure for change grows.

Ben: 21st Jan 2018 14:58:00

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