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What Does It Mean To Partner With The Waste Place

What Does It Mean To Partner with The Waste Place

The Waste Place was created from a simple belief, to provide a complete partnership within the waste industry, simple clean lines of communication, and the ability to find the information you need.

After working directly within the industry and seeing how difficult it is to find useful and precise information, how hard it was to keep track of where different materials can go and at what prices, the idea started becoming a belief that change needed to be made.

When China stopped taking in waste what did that mean to a small man and van company? Why not manage it all in the UK? How many companies manage different materials? The Waste Place is the simple idea if we all work smarter rather than harder we can all win.

By partnering with The Waste Place you join the family of businesses all keen to move forward and improve the waste industry and viable recycling within the UK.

If it’s finding your local waste transfer stations, having customers come directly to you, or moving your waste to the next stage we’re here to support those steps through our partnership together.

Ben: 22nd Jan 2018 13:00:00

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