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Do You Want To Save Money On Your Trade Waste

Do You Want To Save Money On Your Trade Waste?

We all like to save money, and on a project from a small fit out to a large scale development the principles of saving money on your trade waste stay the same. In our experience at The Waste Place we have amazed builders we know with just how much they can save with a few simple and effective tips;

  1.  Shop around When we renew our car insurance most of us will phone around to get the best price, the principle is exactly the same for waste removal, if someone offers you a mates rate as you’ve known them for years it’s still worth getting a few quotes, over the years you’d be amazed just how many customers believe there on mates rates when actually it’s just the same prices everyone else gets. When a company tells you they are shopping around for you it’s also worth making a few checks yourself, with The Waste Place receiving quotes direct could not be easier and you can feel rest assured that there won’t be any extra costs on top.
  2. Talk to your provider. When you’re looking for quotes and providing information you simply can’t provide enough, and no question is a stupid question. By talking to the companies you’re looking for quotes from, or you’ve picked your provider try to keep a good dialogue, you’d be amazed how much it helps. For providers to find out exactly what waste will be going, types, volume estimates and site access this all builds a reliable image for the provider to service your needs. Also by ensuring you have a good line of communication you’d be surprised what else can come out that may help, or be offered. Remember your provider is the expert so use the expertise.
  3. Separate and recycle. Collected mixed waste will be one of your highest costs. By separating the waste streams you save the waste company time and resources and can create huge savings. Rubble and hardcore will be your heaviest waste stream and in a mixed waste skip that your paying for by weight will push that price right up. Put the rubble in a hardcore skip and you’ll find it’s become one of your cheapest waste streams to have removed. By keeping in mind the need to recycle you can also get some waste streams collected for free, and with regards to metal/scrap you may well get money back for it and create an income rather than paying for disposal.
  4. Reclaim and reuse. It’s amazing what people want or need, thanks to the for sale sites on Facebook and Market Place, alongside such great platforms such as Freecycle, Shpock, Gumtree and many, more there's an easy way, with the help of your phone, that you can find a home for many items that would normally been wasted. Reclaimed bricks, work tops, baths are just some of the items we’ve known people find a home for.
  5. Use a Waste Transfer Station. The most cost effective way to dispose of waste is often to take it in yourself to a licensed waste transfer station, these are easy to find and easy to ensure you're compliant. Firstly get yourself a waste carrier’s licence. It’s a one of payment and will last you for three years. This means that you can carry waste away from the job site and use licensed sites. To find a licensed transfer station a quick search on The Waste Place will show you all the stations within your area, a quick call or email and you’ll have their prices and at £15-£20 a ton to dispose of hardcore at most you’ll find you can make a significant saving.

If you have any questions or would simply like to get some advice feel free to drop us an email or give us a call at The Waste Place, if we can’t help you we’ll point you in the right direction.

Ben: 13th Feb 2018 15:22:00

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