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Advertising For Your Waste Business

Advertising For Your Waste Business?

How do you advertise, local paper, local radio? There are so many options that we know about, tried and tested, yellow pages, parish magazines, but do they work? How much are you paying and what do you get back in return?  We are not writing this as a marketing company, although plenty have and you’ll find great articles all over the internet. We have however a huge volume of experience using different advertising media over the years, and meeting with many marketers and sales people who read the positive results of their work like it’s the greatest revolution in advertising and of course the only option.

As you look closer and start to look at people’s behaviour however you start to see changes in how we behave and where the attention is, and at the end of the day we are paying for people’s attention to take notice of us our product and brand.

Do we still listen to the radio, or do we hook up our iTunes play list, or recently downloaded podcast? Do we go through the newspaper and read every add and story, or do we check out the news on our phones and social media and skim read the paper on the table at the hairdressers as they have no signal? Even on the larger scale when the TV ads come on do we fast forward, or if we can’t reach the remote the phone comes out and chill on facebook until the ads are done? To be honest, thanks to Netflix we can avoid ads altogether.

How about if I told you there is a way to advertise for most budgets, that you can target to exactly your customer type, pay for the ones who see your ad, and accurately check the results? Where you can see what you're paying for; see who’s attention you grab, and be able to change your ads as often as you like within minutes, whilst testing multiple ads? This is what you can do with social media advertising.

Social media advertising is hugely under priced and can be highly effective. Social media seems to be where many people’s attention is currently focused, and the information you can capture about your results is incredible for testing, allowing you to experiment until you find a campaign that works for you. You don’t have to be a media guru or a tech wiz. All the information is online and after watching a few YouTube videos and reading a couple of decent guides and you’ll be off learning how to do it yourself. We feel that this gives you the biggest advantage as it’s your business and you know it best.

If you keen to find out more check our articles on what is an influencer and social media ads basics. 

Ben: 14th Feb 2018 13:00:00

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