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Facebook Ads And Influencers

Facebook Ad’s and Influencers

The world's ever changing and so are the options we have to promote and grow our businesses. This can be a minefield, but with a bit of time and your phone / tablet / desktop PC you can learn new skills and open up a whole new world for your business. Here’s a very simple explanation of two options that you might find useful. Keep an eye on our upcoming posts for more information.

Facebook Ads, if you’re not on facebook then this is the best place to start, once you have a simple business page or fan page you’re going to want to promote it and get it out there to your customers, and Facebook could not have made this easier. Take a look at the video tutorials on YouTube and across the web, as well as the great guides that are available. Trial, practice and experience is the best way we find to learn how to do this. By using Facebook ads you can target your ads directly to your customers; choosing your targets' age ranges, gender, area they live and work in, profession and interests. You can then monitor which ads work and which don’t, and see how many views and clicks you get. The other big advantage is the fact that you do not need to spend and excessive amount of money or sign up to some twelve month contract. Give it a try and start learning today theirs customers waiting to learn about your business.

Influencers are a new developing market place and one which we find very exciting at The Waste Place, the best way to describe the influencers would be "word of mouth" online. Influencers will have high level followings on social media and followers that are affected by their influencers posts. Influencers can be found in many areas; and can engage with all sorts of themes: celebrities, fashion, wasteetc. If it’s an area of public interest, then there you're likely to find an influencer in the mix. By getting in touch with them, and sharing things that they might be interested in promoting, you’d be amazed how it can benefit your business. For example if you run a skip company in your local town and see a local organization has a huge following and are running an event, offer a special price on waste disposal for the event in return for a mention across their social media accounts.

We also highly recommend if you are going to head down this road then really get involved in the conversation in social media, the point of it is to be social. Talk about what you do. Comment and interact with others who interest you or are in the same area of interest. Try it. It’s actually quite fun and really builds a representation of who you are and your business brand.

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Ben: 16th Feb 2018 13:00:00

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