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Partnering with The Waste Place

Partnering with The Waste Place!

Why "partnering"?

We want to work with you, and make it a joint venture. In fact, if we can, we'd like to do a little more for you, than we ask in return!

Of course we want some money from you, so lets get that out of the way and be honest about it. Without money, we don't have a business, and something of value always has a price. Our aim is to maximise what you get for your money. We ask local and regional companies to contribute £9.99 per month, and national partners £100. This keeps things simple, straight forward and anyone partnering at that price will have it fixed for 12 months!

Your comitment today allows us to build the site and your value together, improving it month on month.

How to...

If you think your business is ALREADY LISTED (but is un-claimed), use the form below to search for your listing by name.

If your business IS NOT YET LISTED then click on this link to add in your Business details.

Alternatively, find your business listing by doing a search on the right of this page for a waste type you deal with (e.g. general waste) or by business type (i.e. skip company). Ensure the location is accurate and find your business either on the map, or on the listing below the map. Click on your listing. On the top left of the map will be a button saying "claim my listing". Click on that and follow the instructions from there.

​Can't find your listing, or having problems? Just drop us an email and we'll get right on it! Contact [email protected] or [email protected].

Find a listing by NAME


  • List in the first section of results, leading to more quote requests
  • Feedback and inform the future the site
  • Specify exact services and waste you collect, appearing in more searches
  • Love social media, the single best way to market today. Get promoted through our ever growing social network!

Your money goes into growing and expanding our services and reach, not in the Directors retirement fund!

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